Fork Lift Operator

As a lift driver at Maples, you ensure that your assigned department has the appropriate materials to accomplish the departments' role in creating a quality Maples Rug.  The operator will transport goods from the staging area to appropriate locations via the lift.  They will assist in loading/unloading trailers, moving materials by hand or with other equipment, and label/scan materials as needed.  To thrive in this role, you will need to be able to read, do basic math functions, use a scanner, and be able to use the AS400 computer system.  Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs without an assist.
Essential Functions: 
To be eligible for consideration as a Lift Driver, you must possess a valid Driver's License and be able to pass a physical and drug screen.  Here's what you can expect as a Lift Driver:
  • Must complete on-site training to obtain a Maples Industrial Truck Operators permit (even if you have previous experience).
  • Every shift, you will have to complete your operator checklist before using the equipment.  Operators are responsible for the care of their lifts including recharging and changing batteries as needed so the department is not without a usable lift during production hours.
  • You will be on and off the lift throughout the shift to scan, label, load, unload, and carry out other functions within your department.
  • You should expect to do manual lifting throughout your shift, this could be up to 50 lbs.  You should be able to bend, stoop, climb, balance, and stand.
  • Because our days are driven by customer orders, we recognize that not every shift will go exactly as planned and we must adapt to each day's priorities.  With that in mind, there will be times you will do other duties in the department and will eventually be cross trained for other functions within your assigned department.
Must have a valid Driver's License.